Positive recycling & reuse

From our extensive experience gained in the field of waste sorting, we are developing an innovative range of collecting kiosks to make recycling and reuse fun, simple and more effective for the general public, local authorities, and retailers.

Collects all containers using high technology to identify the different materials

Innovative design requiring less cleaning and maintenance

Sorts and stores mixed material or up to 4 separate container types

Accepts crushed or unshaped containers : does not change user habits

Wide range of kiosk

Outdoor installation

Turnkey service

Sale or rental

Massive collection

Customizable and scalable

Storage of waste to industry standards

Data Management


Our technology at the service of the circular economy

Our complementary solutions to voluntary drop-off systems mobilize new sorting enthusiasts and facilitate the management of collected containers.

Allowing the collection of all plastic, metal and bricks containers, our kiosks allow you to massify your feedstock and improve recycling rates.

Our kiosks can be installed indoor or outdoor and simplifying access to recycling and reuse.

The acceptance of a wide range of containers allows massify your collection

Access to the collected containers and kiosk data in real time ensures a dynamic optimization of your fleet and its performance.

Our mission : to give a new life to your containers by transforming them into a resource.