Incentive based collection

Let’s massify your feedstock

Deposit return system

A reliable system


Let’s make zero waste easy

Incentive based collection. Let’s massify your collection.

Redivia has developed a range of attractive collecting kiosks for the citizen to massify the collection.

Our indoor and outdoor kiosks accept all plastic packaging (PET, HDPE, PP, PS), food cartons and aluminum cans with or without barcodes.
This high tolerance of the packaging condition allows to massify the collection and the recognition of the material ensures a high purity of the collected fractions.

Our kiosks are highly resistant to dirt and require only weekly cleaning.
For each container deposited, the user can obtain a voucher, make a donation to charity or charge his digital wallet

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Deposit system. Let’s ensure a reliable system.

Based on the technology of optical sorting machines, Redivia has developed a range of RVM kiosks that can be installed indoor or outdoor and collect all the deposit containers
The combination of our material detection technology and our 360° barcode readers ensures a very reliable recognition system.

Our kiosks are highly resistant to dirt and require only weekly cleaning.
For each container, the amount of the deposit is paid to the user through a physical printed voucher or digital wallet on a mobile application.

All our kiosks are connected to a supervision portal allowing the sharing of collection data and machine status in real time.

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Reuse. Let’s facilitate the first step towards Zero Waste.

Positioning itself as a real facilitator, Redivia has developed a collector for reusable containers to meet the needs of the reuse ecosystem.

This kiosk accepts all the reusable containers whatever their shape, size or their materials and to store them softly inside the kiosk.
Connected to a supervision portal, the kiosk allows you to follow the machine status but also the collection data.

For each container, the user is credited with the amount on his digital wallet on his App or via a printed voucher. The user can also choose to make a donation to a charity.

Our kiosk for reuse will soon be available I

Our mission : to give a new life to your containers by transforming them into a resource.