About us

Committed to the circular economy for more than 20 years and with its expertise in material recognition, Pellenc ST has developed a collecting kiosk activity under Redivia brand.

Redivia develops containers collecting kiosks to massify the feedstock and make the circular economy sustainable and competitive.
Redivia’s collecting kiosks accept unshaped or barcode-less containers in order to keep the users’ habits unchanged and to massify the collection of containers.

Redivia is positioned on another segment of the circular economy: Reuse.
Aware of the many challenges around reuse, Redivia has developed a collecting kiosk for all shapes, size and materials to facilitate the return of containers and the return of the deposit.

Since we know that waste is a real resource, we challenge the classical economic models in order to make the circular economy profitable and sustainable for all actors.


Let us be actors of a positive transformation.


Let’s make the circular economy sustainable by developing flexible and scalable kiosks.


Let’s raise awareness and encourage citizens to take good sorting habits.

A real facilitator, Redivia allows everyone to contribute to a positive transformation.